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The Lemnis Gate, of course, is a video game. In the category: last generation.

There was a time when video games were all about realism, hyperrealism and anything else you want to call realistic. Frankly, the bet was rather well won and here is the film industry permanently damaged.
But now that visually, we are close to perfection, what to do?
Some people won’t do anything at all – and will just sit around grumbling about the youngsters coming up.
Others take the opportunity to explore a new horizon: that’s the case of the developers of this game – and their players.

Maybe you remember Outer Wilds, this totally amazing independent game that I loved last winter?
There is a resemblance: the time loop principle.

And here it is, the baby is out, the big word is out: last generation games are played in 4 dimensions, the 4th one is Time.

Lemnis gate by Ratloop Games Canada

So … of course, it’s a bit confusing and complicated to understand – we live stupidly on our straight line, let’s not forget it.

I’ll try to explain: if not, go and see for yourself, it will surely be clearer.
You are caught in a 25 second time loop.
In OuterWilds, it was a 20-minute loop, so you had time to settle down – this time, not at all.

The objective is very classic: you have to take and shoot down the enemy camp.
It’s important that the objective is classic, because that’s not what the game is about.
For 25 seconds you will prepare what your character will do.
Each player does the same.
And in the next round, you look at the result of your actions compared to those of the other players.
You then have 25 seconds to fix the mistakes of your future, which must not become your past – or continue to move towards the goal like a pro in life who doesn’t go backwards.
And the other players do the same.

Lemnis gate by Ratloop Games Canada

In short: you have no classical time limit.
You can decide an action that will change the future, or one that will change the past and therefore the future, I hope. You can slow down time to perform the perfect action, you can save the ass of your self that you had unwisely thrown into your opponent’s trap, you can? manage.

There are 5 rounds like this – during which you can access different types of characters, so you can be ultra brilliant and efficient.

Where the game gets really funny is that you can be killed during a round. You then become a ghost – you are allowed to act.
But you will have to avoid death in the next round, so that your actions as a ghost become real.
And it seems to me that if you want to play it super-pro, it’s a matter of not turning on the ghost too quickly, the better to surprise your candid opponent – who has to do the same thing, the…. the…. the bloody b…!

Do you understand?
Don’t you need a good aspirin to recover?
Good for you.

Because I’ve been wondering what to do with this awesome game – with these awesome games, since Outer Wilds is in the theme too.
Where on earth do you find a show that works on the time loop principle so effectively? – I know of only one movie that I like in the genre, but you’re going to bitch about me focusing so I’ll shut up.
It hasn’t been worked on too much yet, except in a few very very rare Science Fiction works.
So? it’s exactly the right time to work on this theme – in the field of live performance, what could be totally impressive without becoming the brainteaser of the century, would be to apply this principle of time loop and converging actions from the past/present/future to a circus show.
Circus artists are totally excellent at working “forward” as well as “backward”, the result would be amazing and … it would be so easy to launch the loop theme.
Temporal loop – so ? …. so.

By the way, this story of the ghost you become, I do not forget it at all and I still want to see it land in the little games invented for the AA App.

Isn’t that smart ?

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Featured Image : Lemnis gate by Ratloop Games Canada

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