The Show App : concrete experiences

The AA App

I’m putting this show app project back on the drawing board – … mmmm, well, don’t think you’re saved from my big piracy series, I’m only at the beginning of it. –
But since I have time to think and imagine, I might as well use it.

I keep the principle: I build my theatre, like the shelter of Fallout – because this principle allows me to propose weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or whatever you want missions – but missions that renew themselves – and this is exactly what corresponds best with the world of the show, which spends its time renewing itself.

The problem with this principle is to imagine a series of small missions that will feed the application.

Now you’ll have to be ingenious – or else continue to copy, in a totally scandalous way, the principles set up by the Bethesda teams.
I’ll do that?
Of course I will – a principle is a mechanism.

I’ll take a concrete case – that of the theatre I could have gone to work on, but I can’t, I’m stuck at home for? a long time.
In October there will be 7 shows and a small performance at lunchtime.

The first show is a completely crazy circus show.
The second one is a great show of South American music in a jazz way. The third is Folia, which I mentioned here & which I will definitely never be able to see.
The 4th is a show for the little ones, about water and little fish – very cute. The 5th is a concert of sacred music, and here is Mozart on our stage.
The 6th is a 4-handed piano show and it will play Ravel. The 7th is a pop song show, Italian songs in the spotlight. The mini show is a reading of poetry texts by students of the conservatory.

If we had the AA App, what could we have done with it?

7 shows, 7 missions, 7 small quests – we agree?

I immediately dismiss the temptation: to advertise the shows directly. To hell with them – Altair works for Altair. Me, me ? I say that? yes.

I choose the side of fun – the side of : this application is not made only for people who will come to buy their place in real.
It is made for all those who will have fun with it and will come to take virtual seats in our virtual reality shows.

As a result, I must necessarily move away – a little – from the shows, to keep only the essential, the surprising, the playable.

Show 1 is a crazy circus – the presentation photo shows a woman with a frog’s head –
Mission: crazy circus activated.
One photo, one 5 second video. Community likes – mission accomplished.
Community doesn’t care – try again.
Community hates it and turns you into a ghost – try harder.
What do you get when the mission is successful? but a legendary character with a frog’s head – were you seriously asking me?
And what happens if you tried and failed the mission? but the legendary character with a frog’s head comes to eat you in your shelter theatre and you become a little Altair ghost for a day.

Show 2 is a musical show with three major artists.
What game to play with them? but to find them and lead them all on the path to Altair – this gives a quest in at least three pieces, one per artist to find.
What do you win? but an excerpt of their music, do you know theatres without music? – if you’ve played Minecraft, you’ll have an idea of what I’m thinking about as far as music is concerned.
In Minecraft you can listen to music samples, with different records you get as you can. To not pick up the thing would be perfectly stupid.

For Folia we can imagine a whirling dervish mission – but you’re the dervish – and an objective: turn as long as possible. A very small quest but, well done, it can be quite fun.

The children’s show based on water and goldfish offers its game idea almost instantly: fishing for ducks, fish and other things.

Would I be so bold as to play with Mozart? I think Mozart would have loved to play.
So without further shame, let’s play with Mozart. He was a whimsical virtuoso – thanks to the wonders of contemporary technology, anyone can believe he is a virtuoso – whimsical eventually. So these will be games based on music and virtuosity – remember those programs that tell you where to play a note and how long to hold it for? a game like : be a virtuoso for 5 seconds might be quite welcome.

For this October, there are two classical shows in a row.
It is possible to gain skills in the whimsical virtuoso mission that allow you to succeed in the next classical mission – which increases the interest of both missions.
The horrible mission I can already see: find the right hand for the score – with two hands, it’s fine – but with 4? it’s immediately less fine, especially when you know nothing about music.
The whimsical virtuoso mission could result in a Fatal Ear which eliminates one hand from the game.

The last show is so “Italian lover” that it would be a pity without name not to use that.
I have so many ideas about this theme that I don’t know which one to choose.
Come on, for once I’ll give in to unicorn love – without butchering our Italian lover. To free poor Romeo, put in the shade by the dark forces of those who oppose his great love, will be the goal of this mission – poor Romeo who can be found by listening carefully to the different songs that will come from the different places where he could be locked up.

I find the experience conclusive.
Of course, each one needs to be worked out in detail – but my goal is to prove – to me and to you – that it is quite simple to invent missions associated with a show, without going into boring advertisements.

Dare to tell me that something like that already exists?
Dare to tell me that “it can’t work” – of course it will work, it can only work – because I’m keeping the game principle that is essential to really make an application like this work.

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Featured Image : Errances en Syllogomanie – cirque Dromesko

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