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I hope you will agree with me when I say that an idea, seen from afar, always looks easy and obvious.
As soon as you start working on it line by line, detail by detail, it becomes much less obvious.

And I have time on my hands – I’m much more creative when I don’t have 50,000 different things to think about, that’s strange – so I’m going to take some of that time to get into the details.

Today I take back what I saw from afar for the slightly – but still – crazy circus show.

Basically – following the tried and true system of ephemeral quests in mobile and online games – you are in the heart of the app – in the few or more rooms of your theatre.
So far, so good.
You look up the quest: – we’ll have to decide on the title – either I’ll call it by the name of the company, or by the name of the show and then I’ll create a new kind of advertisement for the show – the companies have to agree to this.

Let’s say I take part of the title of the show: Syllogomania Quest.
Altair announces the challenge: come up with a photograph or a 5 second video of a crazy circus show.
You’ll have to associate the names of the artists with it – yes, I know, I know.

So here you go in your quest: normally you will either go on the internet to take a screenshot, or you will find by miracle in the street a circus artist who amazes you.

To win, your shot must be liked by other users – let’s say 60 times, which will prevent you from thinking that you are the only one without friends.

So this part is online: it’s shared and liked/rejected/ignored: here we are totally in the principle of “social network” apps and less in that of games – do you agree? I am still proposing a monster.

It is therefore a question of opening a network “page”, which is modelled on the existing apps – and which allows this sharing and user feedback.

At 60 dislikes you become a ghost – and you’ll know you have people who don’t like you at all
At nothing, you’ll see the frog-woman come into your theatre shelter and break maybe not everything, and especially try to eat you as if you were a pathetic fly
At 60 likes, you get a character to put in your theatre, which will fill the “box”: circus and improve your shelter theatre.

I really like this idea of the ghost and I would like it to be seen as a reward, actually, and not a punishment.
I would love to give the power of pac-man ghosts to your ghost.

That, I don’t know if it’s possible – of course it’s possible – it’s less difficult than going to the moon, so it’s possible. Here’s the idea basically:
You’re a ghost for 24 hours. You can teleport to any other shelter-theatre – the choice is random, you won’t know who you’re going to.
And there you eat everything that moves – all the legendary characters – all the other characters that have arrived in the theatre – and of course, the goal is to turn the owner of the theatre shelter into a ghost.
The duration of your damage should be short – so as not to cause disaster and mayhem and to keep in the spirit of the game.
But if you succeed in turning the owner into a ghost, you have passed the “curse” and become who you were again, without waiting for your 24 hours.

For this, you need the agreement of the players/users: this will be an option to activate when installing the application, to deactivate if you find it unbearable.
This way you can be sure that the person you’re going to is not really horrified, and is waiting to do the same thing to the others.

All this leads me to imagine a theatre-shelter that is easy to “walk around” – that can have some kind of defense against the various attacks that will be suffered: weapons, ghost traps, ghost vacuums (yes I played Luigi’s mansion), mirrors that teleport the enemy to another shelter … some funny stuff in short.

So, even without a quest from you, the application is potentially always active, by the unexpected arrival of other players at your place.

Honestly, isn’t this ghost thing ingenious? I’m sure it’s the little extra that would make the app popular.

So okay – okay, I’m taking you far away from the majestic shores of the big show and the literature to be worshipped.
I never said otherwise.
Okay, shows are an excuse for this app.
But not only.

Let’s say that in my mind, the application is a bait for spectators who would never come and never be interested in the world of shows.

I’m moving on. Tomorrow the next part

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Featured Image : Luigi’s Mansion 3 – by Next Level Games for Nintendo – 2019

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