The principle of empty boxes

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I didn’t understand and it annoyed me.
In front of me, there are giants – one would have thought that these giants were giants of intelligence but no – they are blind and empty giants.
No, not in front of me – in front of this project that I called Altair.

I’m talking about the internet giants.
They are the ones, normally, who should have thought and developed a thing like Altair.
They don’t do it.
I saw Meta coming, and I thought I could stay at home, that they would find it fine without me. And ? Nothing at all.
I didn’t understand why. Why all these digital giants weren’t going in that direction.

I could be wrong – that’s the most obvious reason – after all, I’m nobody on this earth and certainly not a giant. This explanation is satisfactory for everyone, after all.

But that doesn’t stop these famous giants from being stuck in the mud right now.
And I wanted to know why.

I think I’ve got it.

When I started working, in 1988, I was 18 years old – and I worked in a TV content production company – we had to prepare the transition of France to the massive opening of commercial television. So we had to create content to sell, so that these TVs would have something to broadcast.

It was an obsession: to provide content.

A few years later, the Internet arrived on our computers – it started off badly enough, there was no content, there were no facilities for depositing content and even less for searching for it.

This was the moment when the internet giants were born.
What they did was useful and very simple in principle: they created empty box cabinets. They created storage systems. But they never, ever created content to store.

Microsoft starts – explodes IBM – IBM who was a creator – but who didn’t think enough about the “storage” and the ease of use.
After Google – here are the search engines – you search: you find on the Internet.
Amazon, which was initially successful by offering people to be the place where they can sell and buy books: incredible, books, music, movies that were impossible to find become accessible because other individuals sell them.
Facebook: keep in touch with your friends – this is the development of Messenger.

And what’s it all about? These are structures, dedicated to one type of search – users to fill the “empty boxes”.

The giants are growing – inventing new types of boxes, boxes for everything – your videos, your stuff, your thoughts in a few signs – boxes that you, the user, will fill.

All this has grown.
To keep up, each empty box vendor came up with new features, totally awesome.

This gives rather curious results, where you just have to be a girl with a huge butt to earn money from ads. Where you only have to say you like history to make a video about history – about every subject in the world, that’s the users who create content – since the boxes are empty and you have to fill them.
Each one goes to his own tutorial and the teacher, amused, sees the whole of humanity transforming itself into a teacher: come, I’ll teach you something crazy…. My job is a phantasm of humanity, it’s funny to see.

On the whole, in a flood of pitiful contents, the internet offers interesting contents.
So far so good.

Unfortunately, time moves on.
Here are the giants who find themselves confronted with dimensions they had not anticipated: politics essentially, and here are our nice giants obliged to monitor the contents and therefore obliged to censor and therefore led to lose those who make them live: the users who create the contents.
Who go elsewhere and make emerge this filthy rabble that is the competition.

So far, so bad.
What to do?
Move forward.

Go further in the technology – that’s what Virtual Reality is all about.
And then – the downfall for many of the giants will begin.
The creators of shelves are not the creators of content of shelves.

Those who understand this are buying the content creators.
The others…

For Microsoft, in the 2000s, the decision to create the Xbox and its games – Halo, the cult franchise – that put Microsoft in the other direction – that of those who provide – & now Microsoft buys as much as possible of everything that is available as a video game company to sell.
Not to hang a roster.
But because these companies are the ones that fill the boxes.

Meta is not moving forward, because it needs content and Facebook has never been a content provider.
As a result, probably because in the heads of the giant there have been people who have spent hours playing Animal Crossing, they dream that all humanity will be delighted to play Animal Crossing in Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality cannot be thought of as a shelf of empty boxes. You have to fill the boxes. Having a big ass will be given to everyone, if it makes people dream.

In short, this means that the public will adhere to Virtual Reality as soon as they have things to do in it. This is not at all, but not at all, the principle on which the giants were built and thought.
This will lead to the birth of other giants.

So I’m probably wrong with Altair, I know, I’m no one and all that and besides, I don’t care.
Still, on this point, anyone can see and understand it.

And when I say that a thing like Altair will only work with a specific entry on the internet, I know I’m not wrong.
That’s the AA App – but thought in the Virtual Reality way and not in the empty box way.

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