Tonight, train.
More exactly: train trip.
Even more exactly: unbearably long train trip.
And to complete the situation, our train, your train, will not be an ultra-modern, technological marvel, where you can contemplate spending the time glued to your computer.
No, no – tonight it will be a hellish journey in a rustic train.
Very rustic.
Very very very rustic.
At this point of rustic, you’d think this train was straight out of a military instructor’s dreams – and a French one at that, to give you an idea of how rustic it is.

What to do during such a long rustic trip?
So ….
the first problem of the modern man will be to accept the presence of other passengers.
In a rustic train, they are almost on your lap, the passengers.

At the beginning it’s okay – everyone is holding each other.
And then… there are those who have a pain in the buttocks – and start to wriggle.
Those with swollen feet – they take off their shoes and hop: express trip in an old cheese for all travelers
Those who snore with their mouths open.
Those who watch what you do
The ones who do something you don’t care about – but then with incredible force – during your real life – but suddenly – magic of the rustic train – the other idiot with his balls becomes an exciting entertainment
Don’t you believe me?
Look at this :

On this principle of: how are we going to get out of this railway hell alive & sane that the company Les 7 doigts – a Canadian Circus Company – has invented its show: Passagers – in English : Passengers … obvious

Of course, during certain moments of the journey, they all go completely crazy
Who could blame them? You just have to have tried it to know that madness is waiting for you in the rustic compartments, barely hidden under the suitcases that collapse at the first bump:

In the end, it gives a show of this “new circus” of which I have already spoken often enough – which has considerably renewed the art of the circus – since now, a circus show tells us a story.

Artists are athletes in addition to being actors and often poets – then perfect

& when we get out of there, we are so happy to live now in a modern and hypertechnological place – with lots of flaws – but at least we can’t go crazy during a train trip!

This one, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to see it next winter – finally!

a very famous passenger in order not to sulk the pleasure? let’s go

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Featured Image: from Passagers – by Les 7 doigts de la main – 2019

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