Peace & Lobe

Concert “for the kids” this afternoon –
or : how to bring teenagers to a concert hall

It doesn’t look like much, does it?
And yet….

Here I am exactly in my real subject – in this engine oil that makes me go for Altair.

Seen from afar, it’s so easy to think that “all young people go to concerts” – especially for music of their generation.
And what a mistake – what a monumental mistake made by those who just look at reality through the numbers in their excel spreadsheets.

Of the 120 teenagers we brought to the Peace & Lobe concert this afternoon, 100 had never been to the city – the city is still 10 kilometers away, it’s very far. Their parents their families their elders don’t go – they don’t go. That’s it – that’s it.
They could.
But no – it’s not their interest at all. They don’t go to the movies, they don’t go to restaurants, they don’t go to concerts –
that’s just the way it is.

And my job is to bring them – to make them want to come – to come back
And those, you can always run to catch them with high-tech equipment –
no no, these are caught in other ways.

And it starts with free concerts – with a small educational purpose: here it was to inform them about sound, volumes, how not to become deaf under thirty years old etc…

Then – ah the joke – a good concert was needed and …it was a huge concert –
I was displayed like never before –
because the singer put the show on: three days ago I arrived in Perpignan and I met …. Barbara.

As all the kids know that my name is Barbara, it was the fire !
I don’t know who thought of doing this joke – it was premeditated, there was the camera on me just before he announced my name – but then it worked like a charm.
They were thrilled! Go on stage ma’am, don’t be shy – delighted.

And then, thrilled as they were, they started to participate fully, to sing and finally – teenagers! – to dance
And now it’s good – I’m telling you, those 120 people who were not supposed to come to these concert halls, now they’ll come back.

Won bet

We catch them by vibrating them – and that’s the only way

It’s such an obvious way.
The only thing you have to remember is that they do exist, they – who normally don’t come, and you have to think about going after them.

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Featured Image : Peace & Lobe – by Octopus Company

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  1. That’s wonderful ! They will now want to go again and again. I feel that people think they don’t want more because they are nervous and don’t like to be out of their comfort zone. I bet those 100 will want to go to the city and have even more experiences.

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